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ATEX dust extraction

Local and operational conditions may cause explosive atmospheres in various industrial workplaces. An explosive atmosphere means a mixture of flammable substances in the form of gases, vapours, mists or dusts with air, under atmospheric conditions, in which, after ignition has occurred, combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture. To prevent that, many of our products have ATEX certification: a certificate proving that the product is suitable for use in environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere (ATmosphère EXplosible).


Legally required

Under the ATEX 137 Directive (1992/92/EC), employers have been obliged to draw up and maintain an explosion protection document since 1 July 2006. The explosion protection document is part of the risk assessment. It must contain, among other things, a danger zone classification of a workplace with an explosive atmosphere. It is important that your organisation has a clear overview of your obligations and the available resources.

How does an explosion occur?

There are three requirements for an explosion:

  • Fuel (flammable dust, gas)
  • Oxygen (air)
  • Ignition source (electrical or mechanical)

Flammable materials are explosive when mixed with oxygen in the right ratio. Every combustible material has its own air/fuel ratio in which it forms an explosive mixture. There is a minimum and a maximum ratio, thelower explosion level (LEL) and theupper explosion level (UEL).

Explosion prevention requires sophisticated dust control

Kiekens can offer you that and more. Our specialised sales engineers will provide dust extraction advice tailored to your specific needs. We will inform you about the benefits of good housekeeping using a vacuum or dust extractor, which in some cases can even result in a reduced danger zone classification or the elimination of the danger zone classification entirely.


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