Strong in service

The continuity of your production process is vital to your business. As such, it is essential to keep your dedusting systems and fans in perfect condition with the right service and maintenance. Kiekens has a well-equipped and highly trained service department. The responsive and experienced team operates from two locations in the Netherlands to expertly carry out all maintenance and repair work on your systems.


Filter change


Emissions measurement


NEN certification


Filter inspection


Air quality measurement




Vibration analysis

Preventive maintenance: better, cheaper and more sustainable

Unexpected failure in your dedusting systems or fans can lead to downtime and costly production losses. Preventive maintenance minimises the risk of malfunction. Detecting or preventing defects at an early stage saves costs due to damage and prevents bothersome or harmful emissions. Preventive maintenance also extends the service life of your dedusting system, fan or dust extractor. 


No matter the brand of your filtration system, we can help. Our maintenance team is skilled at keeping any filtration system in excellent condition.

Extensive service package

In addition to preventive and corrective maintenance, Kiekens’ extensive service package also includes services such as dust emission measurement, bearing condition monitoring and on-site fan balancing. You receive a detailed service report that you can access online at any time, as well as the status of your system.

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Market segments

Our knowledge and expertise is not limited to a single market.
As such, we know exactly which issues, opportunities and possibilities or obstacles you are dealing with.

Food industry

Plastics & Chemical industries

Building materials

Animal feed industry

Storage & Transloading

Metal industry


OEM solutions


Defence & Aviation

Who are we

Kiekens is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dust extraction equipment for everything from filtration and ventilation to fine dedusting.
Our sophisticated, workable, affordable and complete solutions add value to your business process.


Off-the-shelf and custom solutions

We are passionate about our work. Our passion means our standard solutions almost always end up being customised, and we would not want it any other way.



Everything under one roof

A solution needs to be a good fit from start to finish. To that end, Kiekens has all necessary expertise under one roof— from consulting to execution, from plan to practice.



Heavy duty

We are strong believers in quality; robust, durable products guarantee continuity and reliability. Quality is a matter of priorities.